"The EU Must Do More to Aid Refugees Trapped in Syria’s Neighbor, Lebanon. Europe cannot wish the refugee crisis away, say the filmmakers of new documentary "Lost in Lebanon." Georgia and Sophia Scott and Dr Neil Quilliam - Newsweek

"This is a moving, galvanising work that tackles this horrific humanitarian crisis with a fresh eye and ear." Leslie Felperin - The Guardian ★★★★

"If you have ever wondered what life is like for a refugee then see this film.. A remarkable and humane film that never strikes a false note." Lucy Popesco - CineVue  ★★★★★

"The noble efforts of the Scott sisters are effective at showcasing the resilience and hope of these four individuals who have experienced such unimaginable hardships. As this compassionate humanitarian documentary shows, it’s a testament to the human spirit how people can survive through the chaos of an unexpected civil war that rips through their beloved homeland." Lindsay Bellinger - The Upcoming ★★★★★

"The power of long-format documentary lies in its ability to not only move audiences, but also in how it inspires them to act. Audiences are immersed in the subject matter through relationships that they develop with each character." Georgia and Sophia Scott - Women and Hollywood

"The film resonates all the more profoundly for its softly-spoken, understated and largely peaceful tone that eschews the much mediatised images of missile strikes and bloodshed... No further evidence should be necessary but Lost in Lebanon underlines to marked effect that false Western perceptions and indifference must change." Matthew Anderson - CineVue