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A GroundTruth Production in association with 3 Generations. A film by the Scott Sisters.

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"This is a moving, galvanising work that tackles this horrific humanitarian crisis with a fresh eye and ear." Leslie Felperin - The Guardian ★★★★
'If anyone needs human faces in order to give a shit about what's going on in Syria, this film is the answer. You see the light gradually extinguish in people's eyes. And yet, they continue. The resilience and courage is inspiring and heartbreaking. Fine work by Sophia Scott and Georgia Scott.' Nan Bauer - Mubi ★★★★★
'If smiles were passports, Sheikh Abdo would be free to travel anywhere. The refugee crisis truly is, as Fritz says, a "scandal" and this film does a great job of portraying that reality.' thelastronaut - Mubi ★★★★★

Upcoming Screenings:


Cinema Nova Screening, Brussels, 20th May 2018

Past Screenings:

World Premiere Official selection Human Rights Watch Film Festival, London, 17th March 

First Outreach Screening - Chatham House, London, 25th April

Theatrical release - Bertha DocHouse, London, from 19th May - 1st June

North America Premiere - HRW Film Festival New York, 15th and 18th June

Outreach screening - PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, 14th August

Lebanese Film Festival (LFF Sydney, Australia), 2nd September

Outreach Youth Screening - Wellington College, Berkshire, 27th September

Strode Theatre, Somerset, 10th October

SOAS Screening, London, 11th October

UNSPOKEN Human Rights Conference, Utica, New York, 20th October

Festival Des Libertés BXL Laïque, Brussels, 27th October

Syria Film Festival, Ontario, Canada, 12th November

Echoes Of One World, Washington DC, 14th November

University of Westminster, London, 23rd November

IOM Global Migration Film Festival, Geneva, 5th December

'This Human World' - International Human Rights Film Festival, Vienna, 6th December

IOM Global Migration Film Festival, Buenos Aires, December 7th

IOM Global Migration Film Festival, Warsaw, 7th December

7th Edition of 'Eu Human Rights Film Days', Ankara, 8th December

IOM Global Migration Film Festival, Budapest, 8th December

7th Edition of 'EU Human Rights Film Days', Istanbul, 9th December

IOM Global Migration Film Festival, San Salvador, 12th December

Let's Art Festival, Brussels, 16th December 

IOM Global Migration Film Festival, India, 16th December

IOM Global Migration Festival, Paris, 18th December

IOM Global Migration Film Festival, Talinn, 18th December

IOM Global Migration Film Festival, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 20th December

Opening night film - Human Rights Watch Film Festival, Amsterdam, 2nd February 2018

Canadian Embassy Screening - New York, 6th February 2018

Human Right Watch Screening - Metropolis Cinema, Beirut, 19th February 2018

 Humanity House Screening - The Hague, the Netherlands, 5th May 2018

Lost in Lebanon reminds us – at a time when we desperately need reminding – that Syrian refugees are not just numbers or faceless crowds. This intimate portrayal of their difficult choices captured in Lost in Lebanon reminds us of what is at stake in the refugee debate today. It is essential viewing at a time when everyone seems to be talking about Syria but no one is talking about Syrians anymore.
— Nadim Houry - Director of terrorism and counterterrorism program Human Rights Watch

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